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SOKS is experiencing a critical change in its approach to science in keeping with the rapid rate of change in the city of Kelowna. We are 13 years old and new ideas are emerging as this is being written . What does this mean for our participants?

For the past six months we have been as you have always known us, at special events, selling ladybugs, engaging kids, running dynamic camps and classroom presentations. We are now gearing up for a new fall season, this year focusing on the new Okanagan Waterscapes Poster and Teacherís guide, Unraveling the Myth of Abundance which involves teaching students about the Okanagan Basin Watershed.

Right now fall 2007 and spring 2008 we have two staff and two Canada World Youth volunteers piloting our exciting programs. Marnie Newell is a recent UBC-Vancouver graduate who plans to become a teacher, and Rebecca Lineman has completed her degree in Elementary Education from UBC-Okanagan.

Environmental change, loss or preservation of wetlands and learning all about our watershed are still front and centre. Winter 2006-2007 was a quiet one for SOKS with the program coordinator working on the writing, editing and illustrations of Unraveling the Myth of Abundance

History: Central Okanagan Science Opportunities for Kids Society incorporated in November 1995. We are a federally registered charity dedicated to getting local children and their families excited about all fields of science - from chewing lifesavers that glow in the dark to interactive activities with dry ice and kitchen chemicals. Building bridges, towers, cranes, inventions, room alarms, rockets, veterinary science and wildlife science are all topics that are exciting when studied with real life experiences

Mission: We are dedicated to providing dynamic, hands-on science programs for the children and families in the Central Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada. Our science programs focus on all fields of science and on introducing youngsters to future career opportunities. Through positive and interactive programs we enthuse , provoke and inspire children to explore and pursue their interests, their knowledge and life-long learning. Our environmental science programs are field-based with visits to natural areas within the Central Okanagan.

SOKS Board and Staff: Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members from a variety of professions who support our goals and philosophy. Youngsters who participate in our programs comprise our membership and their parents have the potential to contribute to the programs or participate in or as board members at all times.

Our current staff are Marnie Newell and Rebecca Liman. You can find out more about our current staff at the link at the top of this page.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in January or February at the Kelowna. Public Library Contact our office if you would like to participate or attend. Call our office at 763 4427 with any inquiries.

Past Accomplishments: The following outstanding programs are on our list of accolades: •Creating the teachersí guide Unraveling the Myth of Abundance for the Okanagan waterscape poster and developing a successful community outreach program to accompany the guide 2006-2008
• Annual science camps based at Okanagan College Camps are geared to children 6 to 12 and are always full.
• An outstanding program The Crux of Climate Change that ran successfully for three years.
• A popular wetland program the Model Working Wetlands that ran for two years and is still requested.
• A science for children writers workshop 2006.
• Hosting a Climate Change workshop and a Stewardship Conference for the community in liaison with the Environmental Advisory Committee of the Central Okanagan Regional District 2003.

Sponsors and Partners:
In 2007 and 2008 our key partners are the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) , Friends of South Slopes ( for our work in Myra Bellevue Park) and School District 23 In 2006 and 2007 our key program work focused on Okanagan waterscape Unraveling the Myth of Abundance . The key sponsors for this program are the Okanagan Basin Water Board and BC Gaming

We work with the Central Okanagan Naturalists Club, Okanagan College, School District 23 teachers, Friends of South Slopes(FOSS) and BC Parks in Myra Bellevue Provincial Park. and related professionals to support and develop our day top day program plans . By using positive learning experiences, we try to encourage children to think critically, problem solve creatively, and value the natural environment.

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