SOKS Board Members

Current Board Members 

  • Teresa
  • Eve
  • Shannon
  • Pat
  • Deborah
  • Jennifer French ( Program Coordinator)

Past Members 

  • Margaret Porubanac, RN
  • Bruce Hedmann, Board President, (Technology Educator) 
  • Kevin Ade, Founder, Friends of Brandt's Creek 
  • Lori Bilodeau, Student
  • Dorothy Holmes, President. Paralegal retired from board due to new parenting role 
  • Linda McCoy Gobessi, Engineer 
  • Tom Dick, Treasurer and grandparent 
  • Heidi Garnett, Teacher and Parent 
  • Michelle Boshard, Regional Stewardship Co-ordinator
  • Karen Sokolan, Forestry Planner and Technician, moved to Williams Lake 
  • Deborah Greaves, Consultant
  • Anatasia Pearson, Teacher/Educator

Our board members are all volunteers who support our activities and dedicate time and energy on a regular basis to help us with our programs and special events. We are always seeking new board members from all professions who are willing to give direction to our programs by serving on our board. Board members have one week of science camp free per year to dedicate as they see fit. We invite your calls and interest.

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