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Okanagan Waterscape: Unraveling the Myth of Abundance

With funding from The Okanagan Basin Waterboard SOKS has developed a Teacherís Guide to the Okanagan Watershed. From September 2007 to April 2008 SOKS is presenting an interactive and informative program to sd23 Elementary schools on the topic. Presentations are approximately 1.5 hours long, free of charge, conducted in your classroom, and meet BC PLOs. Call us at 763 4427 to register.

Spring Break Science Camp:

We will be hosting a Spring Break Science Camp from March 24th to 28th 9am-12pm. The cost of this program is $120 plus a $10 registration fee. This Campís theme is Everythingís Energizing: Magnets and Electricity.

Community Public Art Project:

SOKS is currently developing an art and ecology field trip program as part of the waterscape program. This is slated to start in April of 2008. Please contact us if your class is interested in such an opportunity. Watch for the web link.

Saturday Science:

We are currently organizing a Saturday Science program. This will run 4 Saturdays in April or May. If interested, please contact us at 763 4427.

Is there water on Zork?
1 hour, grades 4-7

During an imaginative voyage to Zork, human beings arrive on the planet needing water, but Zorkians do not know or understand the words "water", "clear", or "liquid". Using several methods of testing, students investigate and figure out which of seven clear liquids is water. This activity teaches about the properties of water and fits in well with the grade 4 PLOs - Earth and Space Science (Water)

Dry Ice and Other Delights
1 hour 20 minutes, grades 4-7

Five or six short hands-on activities which demonstrate the scientific processes involved with sublimation, condensation and the breakdown of dry ice into its constituents. The science here goes on and on long after our visit. This is our most popular program to date, and does require well behaved students due to the extreme temperature of dry ice. Dry Ice demonstrations are so neat! Your students will be amazed! -Covers PLOs from Physical Science (Properties of Matter & Chemical and Physical changes)

If you would like to have SOKS come to your classroom, please contact us
by phone or fax at 763-4427, or e-mail us.

Letters of Support

SOKS is currently developing or looking for funding to run continuing science programs. If you are interested in supporting SOKS in our funding quests please consider assisting us by writing a letter of support.

Feel free to use the sample letters of support below to give you some ideas (we have received the first letter a few times). Please include your letterhead if possible, which considerably enhances the value of the letter of support for our funders. Thank you very much!

Click here to download a sample letter of support


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