Okanagan Waterscape: Unraveling the Myth of Abundance
With funding from The Okanagan Basin Water Board (link: http://www.obwb.ca/index/ ) and the Central Okanagan Bingo Associaton, SOKS has developed a Teacherís Guide to the Okanagan Watershed http://soks.ca/okanaganwaterscapeteachersguide/ ). From September 2007 to June 2008 SOKS is presenting an interactive and informative program to Okanagan Elementary schools and other interested groups on the topic. Presentations are approximately 1.5 hours long, free of charge, conducted in your classroom, or meeting place anddo address the BC Prescribed Learning Outcomes. Call us at 763 4427 or e-mail sokstaff1@soks.ca to register.

Community Public Art Project

SOKS is currently developing an art and ecology field trip program as part of the waterscape program .This is slated to start in April of 2008. Please contact us if your class is interested in such an opportunity. Watch for the web link

Spring Break Science Camp:

We will be hosting a Spring Break Science Camp from March 24th to 28th 9am-12pm. The cost of this program is $120 plus a $10 registration fee. This Campís theme is Everything Energizing: Magnets and Electricity.

Summer Science Camp

Summer science camp begins in July 2008 for children 6-9 and in August for 9-11 year olds. Look for registration details in the Parkinson Recreational Centre Guide this Spring.

Our next annual fundraiser will begin at the Farmers Market in April 2008. The state of the ladybug supply and availability can be checked by phoning us at our office 763-4427 and ladybugs can be picked up there if you cannot make it to the market.

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