Past Camp Themes:

2007 Camps: Themes included "Emerging Entomologists, Puzzling Pieces from the Once Fired Forest and the Withering Watershed" and "Awesome Anatomy, Creepy Chemistry and Weird Wonders of the World"

2006 Camps: Themes included Forensics Fire bugs and Flight and Cool Chemistry and Crash Tests

2005 Camps: Themes included
CSI Inventions and Engineering and CSI Chaos and Chemistry

2004 Camps: Themes included "CSI Sleuth" and "CSI Wildlife".

2003 Camps: Themes included "Tinkering and Design" and " The Solar Connection".

2002 Camps: Themes included ''Critters, Chemistry and Chaos'' and ''Technology Rules: Gadgets, Gizmos and Gravity''.

2001 Camps: Themes included ''Inventions, Challenges and Rockets'' and ''Best of The Rest/Crime Scene Investigation''.

2000 Camps: Themes included ''Muck and Magic: Kitchen Chemistry and Much, Much More'' and ''Watts and Wheels, Forces and Fields: Energy, Electricity, Magnets, and Motors''. 


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